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Powering Texas Schools: Making Sure You get the Lowest Rates - June 15th

Texas has been a pioneer in the retail energy market for over 20 years. For public schools across the Lone Star State that means the freedom to choose an electricity provider. There are currently over 100 Retail Electric Providers (REP’s) that compete for your business.

Negotiating an energy contract with the right energy provider and finding the best energy solution can be time-consuming. TEE has partnered with Houston-based CSD Energy to offer effective energy management for our members across the state. CSD Energy Advisors takes a holistic approach to addressing energy needs. From negotiating competitive electricity and natural gas rates, to providing monthly energy reports, CSD Energy Advisors saves valuable time and resources. Their advisors also help facilitate onsite generation projects and work towards achieving sustainability goals.

Let us CSD Energy Advisors focus on your school’s energy management, so you can focus on your students.

We will streamline your energy management with solutions such as:

Support your district’s growth. Benefits include:

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