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Training Connect

Innovative Training Solutions for Texas Schools

TEE Training Connect is an innovative online platform meticulously crafted to fulfill the comprehensive training requirements of school board trustees. This dynamic platform is purpose-built to offer a seamless and accessible learning experience, catering to the diverse needs of trustees involved in overseeing Texas public schools.

TEE Training Connect stands out by providing a user-friendly interface, interactive modules, a rich repository of educational resources, and participant transcripts to track completed training hours. Whether addressing legal intricacies, governance principles, or emerging trends in education, this platform ensures that trustees stay abreast of the latest developments and acquire the necessary skills to effectively fulfill their roles. With its thoughtfully designed curriculum, TEE Training Connect emerges as a vital tool in empowering school board trustees with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of educational governance.

The governing body of a Texas public school is a corporate entity vested with the exclusive authority and responsibility to supervise district management and assess the superintendent’s performance. All responsibilities and powers not expressly delegated by state law to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or State Board of Education (SBOE) are retained by the trustees.

The Texas Education Code, Chapter 11, Subchapter D delineates the powers and duties of a board of trustees in an independent school district.

The Framework for School Board Development delineates the essential elements—vision and goals, systems and processes, progress and accountability, advocacy and engagement, and synergy and teamwork—required to deliver local educational programs and services that foster excellence in student academic achievement. Initially instituted in January 1996, the framework underwent revision by the SBOE in November 2020.

The stipulations for ongoing education for trustees in Texas public schools are outlined in various legal provisions, including Texas Education Code §11.159, Texas Administrative Code §61.1, and Texas Government Code §§ 551.005, 552.012, and 2054.5191. A concise overview of these requirements is presented in the following table.

Required Continuing EducationFirst Year In OfficeSubsequent Years in OfficeProvider
Local District OrientationThree hours within the first 120 days in officeN/ALocal District
Orientation to the Texas Education CodeThree hours within the first 120 days in officeN/AEducation Service Centers
Update to the Texas Education CodeFollowing each legislative session and of sufficient length to address major changesFollowing each legislative session and of sufficient length to address major changesTEE
Team-building (Team-of-eight)Three hoursThree hours every yearTEE
Additional Education based on Framework for School Board DevelopmentTen hoursFive hours every yearTEE
Evaluating and Improving Student OutcomesThree hours within the first 120 days in officeThree hours every two yearsTEE
Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of ChildrenOne hour within the first 120 days in officeOne hour every two yearsTEE
Open Meetings Act (OMA)One hour within the first 90 days in office N/AAttorney General of Texas
Public Information Act (PIA)One hour within the first 90 days in officeN/AAttorney General of Texas
CybersecurityVaries by providerEvery yearDepartment of Information Resources
School SafetyTwo hours within the first 120 days in officeEvery two years

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