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The Case for Leaving TASB and Joining TEE

Rather than fitting every district into a 1 size fits all box, TEE will customize our service approach according to each ISD’s specific needs.

  • TASB has had an unchallenged monopoly in our state for almost 75 years, with 100% of school districts in Texas paying for membership.
  • TEE believes we need to be accessible to every district and school board. We want to hear from trustees on their ideas and vision for their schools and work with them to help accomplish those goals.
  • TASB took over 8 months to leave the National School Board Association after its public position of calling concerned parents “terrorists.”
  •  TEE will make sure board members have the information and training needed to be able to properly govern their districts as the elected officials
  • TASB promotes guidance and policies that shift control away from parents and even school board trustees into the hands of unelected administrators and even TASB itself.
  •  TEE will provide service and vendor options to school boards that best meet their needs while being considerate of the tax payers monies. Services will continually be shopped to ensure the most value to school districts
  • Districts pay exorbitant membership fees, while contracts with TASB are vague or do not exist at all. Contractual agreements showing TASB’s fiduciary duties to school districts for the membership are not present.
  • TEE’s membership fees are ½ of TASB
  • Trainings and legal advice provided through TASB continue to promote political ideology and promote the accumulation of new debt,  which TASB may have an interest in.
  •  TEE utilizes the free market to provide districts with the best products and competitive rates
  •  TEE provides policy and legislative updates that encourage districts to be aware of, and implement, current law into school district operations. Our policies also put focus back on core education, without the harmful and distracting political agenda
  • TASB appears to make money on investments and their “monopoly”, while using taxpayer dollars to do so.
  • TASB actively works against the interests of parents.
  • TASB publishes and indoctrinates “Team of 8” which is nothing but a gaslight to gut school boards and transfer power to the superintendent and their team.
  • TASB teaches that once a school board trustee gets elected, they are responsible to and work for the district, not voters that sent them.
  • TASB recently released guidance for schools promoting the adoption of transgender policies that allowed men in girls bathrooms, conformity to “preferred pronouns,” and even lying to parents.
  • TEE believes that parents have an important role in the school district and what their children are being taught. Parental involvement is necessary for transparency between public schools and the community.
  • TASB policies have been standard in all school districts and promote political ideology contrary to the safety and education of students and support of teachers.
  • Laws intended to protect students and the quality of education they receive are minimized in TASB policies in order to deflect accountability away from its member districts.
  • Many school districts will not pay for any trustee trainings other than TASB training, even though the TEA lists other required training options.
  • Year after year TASB squanders taxpayer money to lobby the state legislature for more education funding (taxpayer money), but rarely, if ever, lobbies for reforms which would result in better educational outcomes. For example nearly all stakeholders want STAAR testing repealed or reduced, yet TASB is silent on this issue.
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