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HR Connect

Comprehensive HR Solutions for Schools

We understand that effective management of your district’s workforce is essential for its success. Our suite of services is designed to provide seamless support across various HR functions, ensuring your team thrives and complies with laws and regulations. We are pleased to offer the following services.


Our Compensation services offer a holistic approach to pay structure management. We conduct in-depth, in-district initial compensation discussions and reviews. A thorough analysis of your current pay structure is performed. Our team listens to your Board/District goals, aligning compensation strategies with your organizational objectives. After the review, we present our findings and recommendations to your Board/District Leadership, ensuring transparent and informed decisions are presented for consideration.

Other Core HR Services

Handbook Guidance

We assist in creating and maintaining an up-to-date employee handbook that outlines your district's policies, procedures, and guidelines, fostering a consistent work environment.

Employment Contracts

Our team helps draft legally sound employment contracts that protect both your company's interests and employees' rights.

Job Descriptions

We assist district leaders in identifying and creating accurate job descriptions, ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities across your organization.

HR Leadership Support

Our team collaborates with your HR leadership, offering strategic guidance and expertise to address complex HR challenges and opportunities.

HR Investigations

In the event of workplace disputes, employee issues, or policy violations, we conduct thorough and unbiased HR investigations, helping you maintain a fair and respectful work environment. We offer guidance on employee discipline matters while fostering positive employee relations to enhance workplace morale and productivity.

Year-End Evaluations

We provide support in designing and implementing effective performance evaluation processes, promoting employee growth and development.

New Employee Hire Guidance and Processes

We provide guidance to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires into your district culture and operations.


Our team addresses employee grievances professionally, to assist in continuing a harmonious work environment.

Staffing Engagement/Satisfaction Surveys

We can connect your district to resources to conduct surveys to gauge employee engagement, helping you make informed decisions to improve workplace conditions.

ADA Guidance

American with Disabilities Act—We ensure your organization remains compliant with ADA regulations, offering guidance on reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

At Texans for Excellence in Education, our Human Resources Support team aims to empower your organization with the tools, expertise, and insights ecessary for effective people management. We are committed to helping you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of HR, ensuring your workforce remains competitive.

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