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All required board trustee training to help support trustees in their elected roles. All training is conducted by TEA approved trainers.

Innovative Teacher of Texas will provide TEA approved training to school board trustees to fulfill state requirements.

TEE will also provide specialty workshops for members.

Purchasing Co-Op

Purchasing cooperatives combine the purchasing power of multiple public schools and other Education, Government, and Non-Profit Agencies to obtain the most competitive pricing on all types of goods and services.

Membership in a purchasing cooperative allows access to competitively procured nationwide purchasing contracts with qualified vendors.

Utilizing a purchasing cooperative can save individual public schools time and resources in complying with procurement requirements established by the state of Texas, as well as assistance with the purchasing process.

Board Book

Cooperative tool to help create and organize board agendas, minutes, and helps facilitate transparency with the public.

Board Books provide all the services needed to organize meeting agenda, minutes, and promote transparency and communication with the community.

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