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Texans For Excellence In Education Launch Alternative To Texas Association Of School Boards

Launch marks the end of decades-long monopoly and beginning of new era of representation and service.

DALLAS, TEXAS – Today, Texans for Excellence in Education (TEE) proudly announces the formal launch of a suite of services for Texas public school boards and trustees, marking the end of Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) reign as the unchallenged monopoly provider.

“For years, school boards and trustees across Texas have grown increasingly frustrated with TASB, but they haven’t had an alternative in the marketplace until now,” remarked Hava Armstrong, Executive Director for TEE.

TEE is ready to provide the following services to member districts:

  • Model Policy Drafting
  • Legal Guidance and Advisory
  • Group Insurance
  • Electric Co-Op & Energy Savings
  • Purchasing Co-Op
  • TEA-Approved Board Training
  • Model Board Book

Additionally, in the next 60 days, TEE will offer:

  • Cash Management
  • Fuel Co-Op

“School boards are tired of the poor service, low return on investment of taxpayer dollars, and the far-left politics masquerading as so-called ‘model policies’ and ‘legal guidance,’” Armstrong continued. “The truth is TASB is a bad deal for Texas public schools and has used its position of influence to push a political agenda into our kid’s classrooms.”

TASB has recently drawn fire from conservative lawmakers for its slow response to the National School Board Association’s inflammatory comments describing concerned parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorism.

TASB also recently released “legal guidance” for Texas public schools that pushed for biological men to be allowed to compete in girls’ sports as well as be allowed to undress in and use girls’ locker rooms and restrooms.

“I am extremely proud of our local public school system and our mission to continue to provide the best for our students, families, and taxpayers,” said Cameron Bryan, Carroll ISD school board president.

“We believe competition is helpful and will result in lower prices and better services for all,” continued Bryan. “With TEE, we now have an alternative for our board to consider.”

For more information about TEE’s new alternative to TASB and the services provided, please visit

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